Mustangs Of SEMA 2013 By MustangEvolution

Posted by on November 11, 2013 - zero

If you were asked to put on a backpack and start walking into a constantly moving ocean of humans from every corner of the earth, getting bumped, toes stepped on, breathed on with unidentifiable odors, and don’t stop walking for at least 10 hours, would you do it? If an animated mouse and adorable children were involved, you would happily do this, even if a cheeseburger cost you $18.50. But would you still do it just to look at cars?

Would you take on this epic journey for 2 days? How about 4 days? 6 days? My week at SEMA started Monday morning at 8 am, to pick up my Media badge. By Friday afternoon, I was pooped and hundreds of photos had been snapped.

SEMA no doubt has on exhibit the most impressive collection of cars and trucks ever assembled. The journey is well worth the discomfort in my feet, back, and legs. But hey, it’s nothing a good massage can’t cure.

Enjoy the photo gallery featuring the Mustangs of SEMA 2013.

Photos by Steve Valline

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