New 2013 BOSS 302 Colors Accidentally Revealed By SpeedTV Special?

Posted by on August 31, 2011 - more

When SPEEDTV aired a special on the 2012 BOSS 302, a few things did not go unnoticed by the guys at MustangsDaily and StangTV. During a walk through the design studio halfway through the one-hour episode, a poster on the wall is clearly a 2013 BOSS 302 with different paint schemes including a super bright green known as Grabber Green that was only available on the 1970 BOSS 302.

Not only does it look like Grabber Green will be a new color for 2013, but the old-turned-new Grabber Blue will be available, as well as Race Red, Performance White, and Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat.

More changes are coming! Say goodbye to C-stripes and hello to retro stripes! The new stripes appear to be running along the bottom sides and then slanting up the fenders accompanied by the “BOSS 302” logo and across the hood with another stripe reaching down toward the grille. Check it out!

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  • Timothy Neal Templeton

    To me, this color looks computer generated. 

  • Benjamin Buchanan

    I do love grabber green and I hope it makes it as a 2013 color.