New Edge “Crime Stalker” Mustang In Nation-wide Police Design Contest

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The cops in Peoria, Illinois, know a worthy performance car when they see one as they designed a Mustang GT as a fully functional police car and threw in some nice modifications. This Mustang is one of thirteen entries in a Police Vehicle Design Contest held by the Heldon Publishing Company.

This 1999 White GT was donated to the Peoria Police Department and Crime Stoppers as a completely stock Mustang. They wanted to give the ‘Stang more of an “edgy look” and bridge the gap between officers and youth. They installed vinyl graphics, American Racing wheels, Raptor tires, red and blue lights on all four corners, in the grill, hood scoop, front windshield, back window, and roof of course. It also sports a custom exhaust, full smart siren with PA, new JBL sound system and police radio so that it can serve as a fully functional police cruiser. It was named the “Crime Stalker” as it has a Stalker II body kit installed on top of everything else. Even better, no tax money had been used to modify this beast. It was all funded by the Peoria police.

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  1. BarbCHansen says:

    Oh , arrest me now !

  2. D.Frendo says:

    I think it’s a nice sn97 police stanger interceptor! Can’t call it a police cruiser anymore. But cost would be high for taxpayers in their counties and not such a great idea in this crippled economy we all american’s are facing.Knight Rider 2000 he he yah right! 
    Imagine a whole fleet of these mustangs WOOOO! Expensive in every aspect not to
    mention it’s a gas guzzler,You need to sacrifice fuel for performance in other words,You gotta pay the man to be the man!  

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