New Ford Mustangs Under Investigation For Faulty Transmissions

Posted by on August 7, 2011 - one
2011 Ford Mustang V-6

There is an investigation underway as 32 complaints have reached The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Defects website about some 2011 and 2012 manual Mustangs not shifting into different gears. Also, Mustang owners have been discussing the same issue on the Mustang forums and the complaints have been adding up.

Some reports allege incidents occurred while merging into high speed traffic and others allege that incidents occurred while turning left across oncoming traffic. Some complainants allege that the erratic shifting behavior almost caused a collision with adjacent vehicles.

Some say the use of the older Getrag transmission Ford picked to save on some dough may be the problem which has been known to have a gear rattle. Ford added thicker transmission fluid to fix the rattle. This thicker transmission fluid may be causing these gears to slip and miss.

No accidents have been reported by the NHTSA but the investigation is still underway. No recalls may be issued but the issue needs to be resolved by Ford and the extent of the situation needs to be figured out first. They are starting out with 26,000 preliminary test vehicles. Another problem has been reported, the bolts holding the clutch are starting to loosen on some vehicles.

Ford says they are willing to work with anyone experiencing these issues, but some of the guys online say that this is just the way these transmissions are supposed to be – noisy with occasional notchy shifting.

Source: [Jalopnik]

  • Benjamin Buchanan

    Why have the best performing ehgine for the GT ever if the transmission is sub-par ?