Nothing Worse Than A Stolen Drag-Ready Ford Mustang

Posted by on July 31, 2012 - zero
stolen car

If you’re a car enthusiast, you usually refer to your car as your “baby” and is a definite part of the family, most having their own bedroom, the garage. The sentimental value definitely increases if your car has had a lot of man power, money, energy, and many other things invested into it to create the horsepower that it’s putting down. Yes, it may be a possession but some possessions just can’t be replaced, even if it is “just a car” to some which we know is not the case.

Here is one 1984 T-Top race car that has been stolen from someone in Stockbridge who had put a lot of their time, patience, money, and energy into it for the races. The car was located in Stockbridge when it was stolen.  Not only was the four-eyed Fox stolen but the thieves also left with an F-250 and a black Hallmark trailer. However, the Ford truck and the trailer have both been recovered. So now it’s time to see if the ‘Stang can be recovered as well, and hopefully intact. A lot of cars that are stolen are usually stripped down to nothing and sold for scraps. Hopefully this one is found before it gets to that point.

Henry County Police have been actively searching for the person responsible for the theft while searching for the missing Ford Mustang. It was stolen off of Scarborough Road between June 28th and June 29th from 11 p.m. through 6:30 a.m.

Any information known about the whereabouts of the person involved and/or the ’84 racer Mustang should contact the Henry Police Detective J. Clark at (770) 288-7242 or via e-mail at

Source: [HenryHerald]