Photos: 2011 Ford Mustang GT “Reversion” Concept At SEMA

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This was one head-turning red ‘Stang that popped out with the contrasting black and white floor setup of Dynatech’s SEMA booth. That’s not all. Once that flat red caught your attention, it was hard to turn away. Was it a classic with modern features or a modern Mustang with classic features? As it turns out, it’s a 2011 Ford Mustang GT concept car called “Reversion”. If you can’t choose between that modern muscle or that old classic feel, the best of both worlds in never impossible!

The builder and owner of this awesome ride is John H. Heermann, Johnny Sparks LLC from Haxtun, Colorado. Design and build credit go to Doug Kielian from Auto Kraft Body & Paint from Lincoln, Nebraska.



’68 Mustang fenders:
– Wheel Arches raised and lengthened
– Grafted to bottom portion of 2011 fenders
– Curved to utilize 2011 hood line
– Front lower portion shaved to bolt to 69 front valance

’68 Mustang door skins
– Lengthened
– 68 door handle holes filled
– Provisions made to accept 2011 door handle
– Grafted to bottom portion of 2011 door

’68 Mustang quarter panels
– Wheel arches raised and lengthened
– C-Scoop widened
– Lower rear quarter widened
– Grafted to bottom portion of 2011 quarter
– Custom body lines to utilize factory 2011 rear window
– Trunk jam changed to mimic ’69 Mustang
– Provisions made to accept 2011 fuel door
– Provisions made to accept 2011 parking light
– Provisions made to accept ’69 rear body panel and bumper

’68 Mustang decklid
– Front filler piece to follow 2011 rear window
– Lengthened
– Provisions made to utilize 2011 latching mechanism, weather stripping, and hinges.

’69 Mustang rear body panel
– Widened and lengthened
– ’69 Fuel door shaved

’69 Mustang rear valance
– Lengthened
– Provisions made to bolt to ’68 quarter panel

’69 Mustang rear bumper
– Lengthened

’69 Mustang Front valance
– Lengthened and widened
– Provisions made to accept 2011 parking lights
– Custom 2011 crash bar cover

’68 Mustang front bumper
– Lengthened, trimmed

’69 Mustang front grille
– Shortened
– Edges trimmed and provisions made to accept 2011 fog lights

2011 Mustang hood
– Front 14″ built from scratch
Front grille support
– Built from scratch
Rear Quarter extensions
– Built from scratch
Rocker panels
– Built from scratch
Headlight buckets
– Built from scratch
– Built to accept factory 2011 headlights
– 2005 Mustang lenses and housing
– Cut, heated, and massaged to fit ’69 rear body panel

Engine and Drive Train Mods:
Dynatech long tube headers, X-Pipe
Bassani cat back exhaust
JLT cold air intake
SCT tuner
APR carbon fiber engine cover
20″ wheels from LMMR

Auto Kraft

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