Photos: A Collection Of Vintage Ford Mustang Ads, Magazine Entries, Old Photographs

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The Ford Mustang has been around for almost fifty years so there are some interesting vintage ads and magazine entries that date back to when these beauties were brand new. Could you imagine a brand new classic for less than $3k nowadays? It wouldn’t be a classic if that were the case, but nonetheless, that is cheap! I’m sure it wasn’t exactly “cheap” back then but still amazing to see. Here are a few ads, photos, clippings of vintage Mustangs.

“The Cobra Jet will be the utter delight of every Ford lover and the bane of all the rest because, quite frankly, it is the fastest running Pure Stock in the history of man” – Hot Rod Magazine (March 1968)

Above is an ad from 1966, “Supermarket Sweetheart”

Check out this old one, “1970 BOSS 302- Son of a Trans-Am”

If you love to be looked at, buy an old Shelby!

…or a Shelby Convertible!

Here is an ad from 1966 about the Million Mustang Sale:

“What do you do after you build a million Mustangs? Start on the second million!”

A Babe and her ‘Stang

Get your Midget Mustang from your local Ford for only $12.95!

1965 Vintage Ford Mustang Ad

All you need to know is that it’s pronounced “Mach Won”

Three ways to answer the call of the Mustang.

Take the Mustang pledge!em>

Shelby GT350 and GT500

Mustang strong.

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