Photos: 2013 “Gotta Have It” Green Boss 302 Rockin’ Custom Concave Vossen Wheels

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Whether you’re a person of performance or cosmetic appearances, the Mustang can serve both purposes and serve them well. Most people who opt for a  Mustang usually like a little bit of both, or a lot. As I’m sure you know, the new V6 engines are generating the same amount of horsepower that the older V8 ‘Stangs are capable of and with much better gas mileage of course.

The Boss 302 has 444 hp and is a beast to be reckoned with on the track or wherever. The rebirth of this certain classic really had people chomping at the bit for it, especially sporting those old-school hockey stick stripes complete with the Boss logo and available in colors that are similar to the 70s version.

The folks at Vossen took a brand new 2013 “Gotta Have It” Green Boss 302 and throw on some custom 20″ concave wheels that have it looking pretty awesome, we can’t lie. However, there are the traditionalists out there who think wheels that big don’t belong on a Mustang, especially a high-performance version such as the Boss 302. Most who buy a Boss are performance nuts and usually have a track or something similar close by.

The wheels look good for the modern Mustang enthusiast and to some die hard fans, but some might not dig the modernized look. The wheels are VVS-CV7 and are 20×9-inch size in the front and 20×10.5-inch for the rear. The finish is Matte Graphite and looks great on a this bright green color complete with black accents like the hockey stick and T-stripes.

So, what do you think?

Source: [AutoEvolution]

Photo credit: Vossen Wheels

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