Photos: World’s Largest Ford Mustang Salvage Yard

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Everybody knows that saying “I’ve died and gone to heaven”, and this applies to most enthusiasts in this junkyard full of old decrepit Ford Mustangs. Especially, the project guy that has an old classic sitting in the garage. I’m sure it could go either way, though, as some might consider this a sore sight with so many wrecked and rusted ponies. This is the Colorado Mustang Salvage Yard.

Soooo, anybody down for some campin’?!

Colorado Mustang Specialists, Inc. began in a two-car garage in 1972. Mustangs were as numerous as hippies on a Boulder park lawn, easy to buy, fix and sell. So, a would be University of Colorado student found a lucrative way to pay his rent and tuition. After graduation the diploma went in a drawer and the horsing around got serious. Wrecked, junked and abandoned Mustangs were cheap and plentiful, so the collection started that eventually led to the worlds largest Mustang salvage yard.

Most recent and exciting to us is the addition of modern fuel injection conversions, for 64-1/2 to 85 models. These conversions and related parts let the novice enthusiast bring his early Mustang into the new millennium with a computer driven, fuel-injected, V-8 power train, meeting todays standards without changing the Mustangs classic design. We predict these conversions will open a fun and exciting new era of Mustang enthusiasm.

Source: [ColoradoMustangs]

  • Anthony Matthews

    my poor babies[cryingface–>] =,’,’,’,'(

  • Anonymous

    Wow some rare pony’s resting in that yard!

  • Alex Garcia

    Are any of them for sale? I would love to revive one of those ponies for me. I’m 24 years old and I own a 2001, but I really want an old one to fix up just for myself.

  • Jim

    Too bad they piled them on top of another ruined a lot of good sheet metal

  • Emanuel

    I have heard of this place many times, however, no one seems to know exactly where it is in Colorado. Does anyone know what town it is near or which highway it is on. I needs some parts for my 1973 Mustang convertible. Thanks much.

    • rocke031

       Yes everyone here in Colorado knows where it is and yes Dan the owner will and does sell parts off of these cars.  Call Dan at 3033437024
      His shop is in Aurora co  and the yard is in Watkins Co  east of Denver  north of I 70

  • Fernando Herrera

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! why would you do that to those beautiful cars thats a sin. where is it at?????

  • Trojan_Horse

    We could rebuild them… be faster….more beautiful…..more powerful than ever before!

  • rocke031

     That is not true  Call Colo mustang at 3033437024 and ask for the parts/chassis you need
    Located in Aurora Colo

  • Lourens van der Merwe

    Is it possible to purchase an old mustang that is restorable,and if so who should I contact???

  • swamprat000

    could i purchase a carb for a 6 cylinder motor? i have a 1966 200 6 3 speed trans and need a 1 barrel carb. also do they have a 289?

  • Dylan Raiser

    whats the mustang salvige  yards number cus im looking fore a mustang

  • Dylan Raiser

    whats the mustang salvige yards number cus im looking for a mustang

  • ThomasL

    Looking for a 1972 Mustang Driver Door for restoration in progress

  • my0wn3ds

    We have only two 1st Mustangs in f***in’ Kazakhstan. You, americans, don’t know what you have. You should destroy all Toyota’s and restore all these Stangs.

    • FelixF

      Is this BORAT? Niiicccceee!

  • Richard

    looking for disc brake spinle and hub for both sides of a 1972 mustang for a chengeover
    Thanks Rick 219-787-8932

  • carlos

    it is possible to buy one to restore

  • Trista Martinelli

    This place is ran by the Owner of Colorado Mustang Specialists Inc. 11799 E. 30th Ave Aurora CO 80010 ******** BEWARE RACIST ********* Sell Bad Parts and Engines, don’t buy anything from this company they are scam artist!!!

  • Prestige Mustang

    Prestige Mustang in Monroe GA is the Worlds Largest antique to late model Mustang only parts recycling facility!