Press Release: Pony Express Auto Parts Acquires

Posted by on June 24, 2012 - more


Pony Express Auto Parts is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of and its exclusive line of Shift Knobs in Mustang colors and Billet Shift Boot Adapters. The website will now direct you over to where you will find a website full of dress-up parts, interior and exterior decals and New Take-Off parts for many popular cars and trucks.

Grabber Pony has long been the exclusive source for original Mustang colored Shift Knobs and Billet Shift Boot Adapters. Their newest product, shift knobs with 3D stripes, is an awesome addition to your ‘Stang. I have the 2 ¼” Grabber Orange 3D shift knob in my Shelby GT-C with a custom engraving and I absolutely love it.

Pony Express Auto Parts has also partnered with Bangastang Mustang whose Custom Radiator Covers, Plenum Covers and other Mustang accessories will be featured at

Head on over to the site and check out what they have to offer.


  • Hugh Barber seems to have gone out of business. Too bad, as Grabber Pony had a lot of nice stuff.

    • Michael Benner

      I see the store as “offline for site maintenance.” Is this how it has been for a while now?