Red Wings Goalie Jimmy Howard Sports Shelby Mustang Mask

Posted by on June 4, 2011 - zero

We all know that Detroit is America’s Motor City and also a big hockey city as their team, the Red Wings, have won eleven Stanley cups! That’s pretty impressive as the only hockey franchise to win that many and have such a title. The team’s goalie, Jimmy Howard, is the all-American as he is a fan of both cars and hockey. Howard pays tribute to American’s Iconic Ford Mustang on his helmet with an airbrushed red and white Shelby GT350 on each side with the Detroit skyline looming in the background.

“I wanted to capture the city spirit and the auto industry being such a big deal here so I wanted the design to involve that, and when I saw the movie “Gone In Sixty Seconds, I fell in love with the ‘Eleanor’ Shelby Mustang so I wanted to put it on the mask as a symbol of the Motor City.”

The Ford Performance Group got to go behind the scenes with a Ford PR and get the inside scoop on Jimmy’s helmet. When he first watched Gone In Sixty Seconds he was sold on the ever-elusive “Eleanor” as was most of America when that name was given to a classic Shelby Mustang as the only car that seemed to have it’s very own personality and led you through one crazy car chase that sent Nicholas Cage launching. That name became a household one as it made it easy to explain a Shelby to almost anyone that may not know much about cars and also could have helped some Mustang enthusiasts blossom.

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