Redesigned 2013 Mustang To Be Revealed At LA Auto Show

Posted by on August 16, 2011 - more
2010 Ford Shelby GT500

It’s as if the Mustang Fairy is granting some wishes – this November at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, Ford will be unveiling the redesigned 2013 Mustang. Crazy-Ford-said-what??? That’s right, loyal fans, according to insiders, there will be a pretty significant refresh of the Mustang just a year or so before the total redesign of the 50th anniversary Mustang hits the streets.

What is changing you ask? Well, for starters, the Mustang will be taking styling cues from the GT500’s front end with the larger, protruding upper grill and smaller, more rounded lower grill – AND – a redesigned rear end. Gone will be the diaper as well as the swept forward tail lights. It is as if Ford has been monitoring the forums and actually listening to enthusiasts <wink wink>. Also expect LED lights in front, possibly the lower fog lights.

Back in April, Inside Line published some spy pics of a Mustang test mule that could be wearing the new front end – it looks like a mixture of the GT500 and the Boss. Just imagine how good the 2013 Boss 302 will look with that front end…

Also reported to be coming to the 2013 Mustang is more power for the 5.0L Coyote – something rivaling the Camaro’s 426 hp rating, no doubt. What does this mean for the 2013 GT500? Well the rumors are already well established regarding the horsepower jump we can expect – somewhere in the neighborhood of 620 hp. But will it wear a new nose to help keep it different than the refreshed GTs? We will have to wait and see in November – hopefully all will be revealed.

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  • Benjamin Tyler Burkhardt

    The 2013 model will most likely be a slight redesign of the front and back… The current models are already very impressive. My favorite is obviously the Boss 302 Leguna Seca! 

  • Steven R Valline

    I totally agree – there is no reason to change what isn’t broke – I am actually surprised Ford is bothering to change anything with the new redesign coming so soon. But Camaro sales are strong, and there have been plenty of complaints about the diaper on the back.