SEMA: Prestolite And Lakewood Evolution Suspension Testing In Ford Mustangs

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The SEMA show is a busy time for the car industry as the biggest aftermarket trade show held in Las Vegas every year. It was just a couple weeks ago that everyone was packed at the convention center with four days of work and play. However, sometimes work can be fun.

Meeting with Prestolite testing the Lakewood Evolution suspension setups, Steve and I were able to take a ride in two 2013 Mustangs, one bone stock and the other equipped with a Lakewood suspension setup. Looks fun, right? It was. Check it out!

Amie Williams of Mustang Evolution participates in the Lakewood Evolution Driving Experience at SEMA Show 2012 in Las Vegas. The driving demonstration features the Lakewood Evolution, a bolt-on and adjustable suspension system for late-model Ford Mustangs from Prestolite Performance.

First ride was in the bone stock silver Mustang. Evolution While the ride around the course was still fun nonetheless, it’s still a stock Mustang with no suspension upgrades whatsoever.

Next was the black Lakewood Evolution Suspension equipped ‘Stang. Between the two, this one hugged the turns a little tighter, and seemed to handle much better maneuvering around the strategically placed cones. This suspension seems perfect for racing, autocross, daily driving, or whatever you do with your car… you know, like drive it.

It’s amazing what an upgraded suspension can do for your car. It handles much better with less body roll, and feels much tighter hugging the corners and turns. Whatever your sport may be, a suspension upgrade can do wonders for performance. As mentioned it eliminates the massive body roll when performing sharp turns, but it makes it appear less like a Monster truck with a stock suspension. It will perform better and will be more aesthetically pleasing to the car enthusiast giving your Mustang a better stance than what it came with.

A big thanks to Prestolite and Lakewood Industries for letting us have a nice ride around the track to start out our Halloween. Looking forward to next year’s SEMA show.


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