Shelby American News: Free Shipping Is Back

Posted by on October 10, 2011 - zero

Shelby American has announced that due to its popularity and because of perhaps bad timing, it has brought back their Free Shipping Offer on post-title pacakges, namely the GT500 Super Snake and the GT350 packages.

Since a number of potential customers could not part with their cars during the show and driving season, but showed interest in the Free Shipping offer, Shelby has decided to extend the offer, as well as add the option of $3000 in Free Upgrades in lieu of free shipping. In the words of John Luft of Shelby American;

“We had tremendous response to our summer offer of free shipping,” said John Luft, president of Shelby American Inc. “However, many of our Shelby customers were in the middle of car show and driving season. They just didn’t want to let go of their car at that time. With the fall season upon us and cars starting to be tucked away for the season, there’s no better time for a Shelby ‘facelift.’”

This is a great offer for Shelby customers around the country who want to upgrade their Mustangs. Not only will Shelby pay for your car to be picked up at your house or local Ford dealership, but they will drop off your freshly minted Mustang GT500 Super Snake or Mustang GT350 after its transformation.

But wait, there’s more. For those customers close enough to Las Vegas to drop thier cars off at Shelby headquarters, they can take advantage of $3000 in free upgrades to either the GT500 Super Snake or GT350 packages. That won’t get you a free supercharger, but it will get you into a custom Shelby interior.

But make sure you have your car there by October 31st, as the offer is only good if you take advantage of it right away. This is an offer worth hundreds of dollars, at the least. So if you were planning on getting your car Shelby-ized, there is some good incentive. And with completed cars showing up in flea-bay for over $100,000, it just might be a good investment.