Shelby Ford Mustang “Eleanor” From Gone In 60 Seconds For Sale!

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Even people who aren’t Mustang enthusiasts know the name Eleanor as it became a household name after the release of the remake Gone in 60 Seconds featuring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. As I’m sure you remember, Nicholas Cage, or Randall “Memphis” Raines, is racing against time with his old crew to boost 50 cars in order to save his brother’s life. The last car on the list is the elusive Eleanor, a Shelby Mustang given a huge personality and is as big of a star, if not bigger, than the big household name actors in the movie. How can you forget that crazy police chase through Long Beach?

You could explain the car you were referring to as, Eleanor, and everybody knows exactly you’re talking about. The Mustang was quite a hit in the remake with it playing the role of the ’73 Ford Mustang Mach 1 in the original film that was released in 1974.

Steve Stanford, famed Hot Rod illustrator, was actually called to draw the concept for Eleanor which was turned into the physical Eleanor shown in the movie.

Chris Routledge Managing Director at COYS said, “The Eleanor Mustang is one of only two original cars in private hands. We are offering an unrepeatable opportunity to acquire one of the cars that actually appeared in the movie and which will undoubtedly increase in value in years to come.”

The “star” of the film, Eleanor, will be hitting the auction block on January 14th and will likely fetch more than £100,000. It is number seven of twelve that were used and this one was apparently used for some of the driving scenes. Can you believe that five were totaled out during filming? OUCH!

The 289-cubic-inch V8 was replaced by a 351 Ford Racing engine with a 700cfm Holley 4-barrel carb and a ‘big’ camshaft. It features a modified suspension plus some Wilwood brakes. The side exhaust was not functional during filming, but is now perfectly functional. It also features wide rear arches, a huge bonnet, deep front valance, side skirts, integrated boot spoiler, new grille, PIAA lights and 17-inch Schmidt alloy wheels.

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  1. Kenny Minium says:

    I gotta say this car is sweet, but I like the one from the original movie better..

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