Speculation: Will Ford & NASCAR Work Together For 2014 Mustang Debut?

Posted by on February 13, 2011 - one

Just a few days ago Ford announced that they wanted the Mustang in NASCAR for the 2013 Sprint Cup Series. This has been something that fans have wanted for a long time. Cars that actually look like the cars you can buy on showroom floors.

You know what else is going to happen around 2013? The 50th anniversary Mustang will be revealed. You can’t ask for a better relationship to have for this kind of unveiling. NASCAR and Ford team up to bring the 50th Anniversary Mustang into the public light while at the same time making NASCAR not completely boring and putting realistic sports cars back on the track. This would explain Ford being the one pushing for the Mustang to be in NASCAR by 2013. We have yet to really hear about how NASCAR feels about this drastic change.

Ford has been leading the way on just about everything since Chrysler and GMC filed bankruptcy a couple years ago. There are no signs they plan to slow down and teaming up with NASCAR would be a match made in heaven, financially.

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