Spy Shots Of Next Cobra Jet

Posted by on June 7, 2011 - one

Each year the Cobra jet gets bigger and badder… going by these shots it seems this trend will continue! As you can see in the images found the Cobra Jet appears to be mostly unchanged from the previous year, chances are they are testing performance and drive train changes instead of exterior updates for now. The one huge change you can visually see is that massive hood scoop. I can only imagine what sort of engine upgrades were done to make the hood need to be so tall. The Cobra Jet is a race only vehicle, not street legal, and is a bare bones striped down light mustang made for one purpose… speed in a straight line. I just hope the current scoop never makes it to production…

Source AutoBlog.com

  • Anonymous

    It’s the “BIGMOUTH” CJ!
    Ready to gobble up the competition!