Stolen Mustang In High Speed Chase Kills Officer

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Here’s one horrific incident that could have been avoided if these two idiots in this stolen black Mustang had stopped and faced their consequences instead of taking the Cathedral City police on a high speed chase after the Mustang had been reported stolen and the driver being a wanted parolee.

Officer Jermaine Gibson, 29, was leading two other officers when his patrol car lost control and he slammed into a palm tree causing his vehicle to burst into flames. Gibson was pronounced dead at the scene, leaving his wife and 4-week-old son.

The Mustang crashed moments later into another palm tree and also burst into flames. The two suspects are currently hospitalized, one in critical condition. Their names have not been released.

Money can be donated through the CCPOA foundation’s Officer Jermaine Gibson Memorial Fund.

Checks can be sent to P.O. Box 1131, Cathedral City, CA 92235, or dropped off at the Cathedral City Police Department, 68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero, Cathedral City.

Source: Citizen Times


  1. toofastcomet says:

    It also could have been avoided if the cop realized he was in over his head and called it off. They’l probably try to stick the thieves with his death. If it’s too hairy, or if you can’t control the car, then you call off the pursuit.

    • Jeremycassy says:

      Anyone that has the sack to discrace this fallen hero needs to remember one thing before they open their mouth, this man has provided his county and the people of Cathedral City a blanket of security that you willing sleep under every night, without ever asking for anything in return. The very least one can do is to shut your mouth if you cant have the decency to say something respectfull!!! Although being a police officer is just a job to those that are not, it is a way of life to those that are, both on the clock and off. This man was a Marine and an Officer, it was clear that he has dedicated his life for those he has never even met. How many others will take that step in life and risk their own for those never met, It takes a special person to make such a choice in life. My heart goes out to him both as a former Marine and an Officer…

      • bboop71 says:

        Very Well Said Jeremycassy!!!

        Tofastcomet…you have some really big balls!!!! Or should I say, you have NO BALLS to even say something as you did!!!! You weren’t there and don’t know any of the details….. PERIOD!!! How do you know that they (the criminals) are not the cause of Gibson death due to thier actions (ie: running him off the road or slamming on their brakes and causing Gibson to swerve to avoid rear-ending the suspect car??). Maybe you should step back and really think about it (maybe even put yourself in his shoes – if you are MAN enough) before making judgement on someone you know nothing about, let alone a field you were never trained in!!!

        • toofastcomet says:

          Your right, I don’t know the facts – you clearly do not either. I played devil’s advocate and suggested that too often we throw the book at a suspect when things go awry that he was not directly the cause. Other departments have set rules of calling off a pursuit after it escalates to a point to save lives. I didn’t disgrace or pass judgment on anyone (something you now cannot claim). So instead of considering the possibility of my suggestion, you decided to attack me instead; a typical logical fallacy.

        • Redstangggg says:

          I bet if this was a loved one in your family you’d think differently 

  2. Ljms Miami says:

    Police,just call for the helicopters and there is no escape for any car no matter how fast they are.It’s a great lost for his family.

  3. Turqdez says:

    What u people don’t understand the officer lost his life doing his job. The officer was a friend of a friend. I believe a little respect is due. My self being an officer, this is a hard situation to deal with. Before u people judge his actions, think of the wife and 4 week old baby boy he left behind.

    • Qcjohns says:

      The fastest car in the world cant beat a radio They should let them run they will get them eventually does not make sense to risk lives over stolen car

    • bboop71 says:

      Officer Gibson was a co-worker of one of my good friends who happens to be an officer @ Cathedral City PD. I didn’t know officer Gibson, but from all that I have heard…..took pride in his job, loved what he did, and perished doing it. It just irritates me to think that anyone has the nerve to judge a man that serves and protects the citizens of Cathedral City everytime he is on that clock. I don’t even consider being a police office as a job…it is his/her life. It takes a certain kind of person to become a police officer and deal with they deal with everyday…no salary will ever be enough in my opinion!!!!!

      My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to his family, wife, and his adorable 4 week old boy that will never know his father :(

      Officer Gibson will always be HONORED & NEVER FORGOTTEN for the hero he was!!!

      RIP Officer Gibson

    • bboop71 says:

      I don’t know what department or area in which you work…but thank you for your service & dedication!!!!

  4. Boss says:

    Every scugbag that steals a car and leads a police chase should die in a wreck. They endanger the lives of all people by doing this. Everyones an expert on how police should work after the fact but one thing is for sure when you need them, there is no better sight when they show up after they have raced there to help you.

  5. Ashmills says:

    Those guys need to be thrown in jail for 1) crashing a mustang, and 2) killing a cop

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