Teen Drives Ford Mustang Convertible Off 200-foot Cliff And Survives

Posted by on December 12, 2012 - zero

It’s crazy to see all of these young kids with these hi-tech cell phones. For instance, my brother who just turned 13 on Dec 1st. has had an iPhone 4S for quite some time. That beats my 3GS any day of the week. But with all of the trouble kids can get into with texting and driving and having the internet at their fingertips, there are also ways a cell phone can really save your life. This is one of those times. Well, that and a roll bar.

Thomas Dwelley was waiting for his high school football game to start and decided to drive the twisty back roads of Santa Barbara in his ’95 Ford Mustang convertible. He said he wasn’t texting or drinking just having some fun with his Mustang. But while out driving, he drove off of a 200 foot cliff, crushing his Mustang completely. Thomas survived the whole ordeal but he was injured and underwent brain surgery.

It took the course of a day for rescue personnel to get to Thomas and his mangled Mustang. It would have taken them longer if Thomas’s dad didn’t track his exact location by his iPhone. His parents couldn’t get ahold of his cell phone and worriedly called AT&T where they tracked his exact location down to the skid marks where the accident began. When they got there they peered over the edge where they could see their child’s accident down below. While the car was obviously a total loss, Thomas is doing “OK” and wants to tell his friends that “Cars need to be taken seriously.” Ya think, buddy?”

Source: [Jalopnik]

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