The 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang Design “Being Locked Down”

Posted by on September 16, 2011 - more

J. Mays, the design chief for Ford Motor Company, is locking down the 50th anniversary design for the 2014 Ford Mustang. He says that it will still look all Mustang but that they won’t follow the retro road like the “retro inspired” 2005 and 2010 designs.

It looks like the new design will be a huge overhaul and may appeal to a new group of buyers as it gets a fresh face. This is a very anticipated redesign for us Mustang enthusiasts and this date will be a huge date in Ford’s history as it is a redesign to celebrate 50 consecutive years on the road!

“The challenge or the opportunity for 2014 with a 50th anniversary car is to not just look back over your shoulder, but to try to win all of the Mustang faithful yet bring the brand forward as well,” he says.

“It has to look like a Mustang. But you go down a list of things that might or might not be necessary to make the car look like a Mustang.”

Ford did not disappoint with the design of 2010, so here’s to a new design and to many more years on the road! Can’t wait to see what this “locked down” design will be! Stay tuned…

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  • Anonymous

    Here we go again a 2014 Mustang II. It will not sell!

  • Anonymous

    here we go again a 2014 MUSTANG II! It will not sell and if Ford keeps raising there prices it will be gone. Keep It Simple Stupid! KISS! Make the Mustang more affordable than there comperters. $40,000 plus is crazy!

    • Mike H

      Why won’t it sell?  It is more affordable than their “comperters”, which is Camaro and Challenger. 

      • Anonymous

        Have you tried to buy a basic 2011 Mustang Gt or any Ford ? If you have you would be aware that the dealers and Ford dictates what options you can get , which they like to sell only loaded down cars and trucks at much higher price than the Challenger or Camaro. The sales numbers tell the truth! Ford is and has been at the end of the sales line for years  and I know Mustang out sold Camaro for the first time in a very long time. You have to order a new Mustang Gt basic car and then Ford kicks it back to the dealer and tells what they have to sell. I have been there three times this year with a Gt Mustang and an F150 and the dealers are pissed about it. Greed does not belong in the sales department. Come on Ford I own only Fords  and I love them but stop the BS ! Remember Henry Ford wanted to sell his vehicles to the average guy .

        • robert d

          you are dead on target.  tried to buy a 2013 mustang and alllll the bs is making me look at a camaro now.

  • undecided

    who says the 2010 mustang was a success?….UGLY ass Tailights!