The Latest 2015 Ford Mustang Sketches: What Do You Think?

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Another generation redesign is looming near as the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang gets closer. This is a car that has been in production for almost five consecutive decades, a title that not many can claim. This is the kind of car that your grandparents have memories in, keeps secrets of many interesting stories. It’s not just a car to us, it’s a way of life. Once you get your first Stang, you’re going to be hooked. You’re going to want to modify it, and with aftermarket parts and forums for days, you’ll stumble across an ever-welcoming community, a group that shares a common ground, the Ford Mustang. It’s an American icon for a reason.

Now with that being said, the time has come for it to face another redesign. This isn’t going to be a face lift or nip and tuck, but a complete overhaul. The last time it changed the platform was the 2005 model designed on a bigger platform, the S197, leaving the New Edge/Fox 4 platform from the ’04 Mustang model.

Endless Mustang concepts have been flooding the web, many inspired by the Ford EVOS concept. The new Ford Fusion seems to look similar to the front of some of these concepts. You can say that it’s a Fusion bred with an Aston Martin, at least in these latest sketches that have been floating around. While some of the sketches appear similar in this regard,what we believe to be the latest 2015 spy shots of the 2015 Ford Mustang being tested under wraps, a wrap that looked similar to these sketches.

We won’t know for awhile what the Ford Mustang will actually look like, but some of the renderings seem to be pretty consistent, but you never know.

What do you think of this next-gen Ford Mustang sketch?

Source: [StangTV]


  • Daniel Bente

    Too Euro-trashy

  • Guillermo Felix

    They need to make and release an italian desing Mustang asap. We can’t always stay looking like the only style of Mustangs. If Fords does this. Chevrolets Camaro is going to beat us. Believe me. That car has some italian design. Because they stole some from the 2006 Italian design Mustang – The Giugiaro. Believe me. People, teenagers etc are going to like a cool looking car. Not some 1960 Mustang look again.

    You hear me Ford. Your the best !! Your cars are the best. One of my Dream car is a GT500 but you gotta change the style. Make it more curvy and futuristic and mean.

    • auziez

      Uhm, well personally from the spy photos… it looks to me as if the next mustang will be quite a head turner.
      The Italian design was nice on the front, but the back was horrid. I don’t really think it matters if it is Italian or not, cause in the end the Camaro was designed by Americans.

  • Matthew Pauliks

    I think it looks a lot like the Fusion in my garage that is parked next to my 2011 Mustang…

    I like the small changes from my 2011 that they put into the 2013… but yeah… that is absolutly a fusion front end…

    I’ll keep my 2011, bad ass, scares the crap out of the other cars, beastly mustang thanks.  this is a MUSCLE car, not a sports car.  you want a sports car?  go buy some euro crap.  I prefer something that has the look of an American, get outta my way, muscle car.

    • Akshat Sharma

      I completely agree. They did the same crap to the Charger and now it looks like a rockstar which fell out of fame and grew fat and bloated. Please don’t do this to our beloved Mustang Ford!!!

      • Davo Carpenter

        I felt the same about the Chargers. But the redesigned 2011 is pretty awesome. Espcially the new Daytona edition. Besides, Dodge was aiming for a different approach with the Charger. They really did justice to the Challenger. But neither the Charger or Mustang concept are nowhere near the disappointment that Pontiac produced with the GTO remake. Basically a Grand AM with a 6.0 V8. Same for the Chevy Impalla. But all Manufacturers have there “not so popular designs”. Look at the Fox Body Stangs……didnt care for them much at all. (But thats my opinion.)

  • Phillip Coleman


  • auziez

    Doesn’t look bad for design, just that it looks quite distorted for some reason.

    It’s going to look similar to this, but I think the grill will be higher then the lights, as well as more prominent. Muscle lives, but sporty look is going to be engaged.

  • Don Surber

    Still too retro. Needs to do something with that 1994-era top. Of course I only go convertible, so it will not matter to me. Get the tires to pop out more and give it a beefier look.

  • K

    It looks like a cross between a Fusion and Camero.  I don’t like it.

  • Akshat Sharma


  • Paul

    The front end looks like an Aston Martin in ways and i love it! 

  • Larry Brown

    Is the new 2015 Mustang bringing back in the rear windows?

  • ElRonbo

    I seriously doubt the front mouth will be that huge or the front edge so squared off – they want to sell this car in Europe, and that doesn’t look like it would meet Euro pedestrian crash safety standards.  Also, I’d love to see the windshield rakes that steeply, but think its unlikely.  I think this is an exaggeration of what the final one might look like. And really, no horse-in-corral on the front tells me this is just somebody’s idea, because there’s no way Ford would show even a prototype Mustang that didn’t have the iconic horse on the grill. Otherwise, its just the new Ford Probe.

  • Michael Hobbs

    I dont really like anything about it. front is to much like an astro martin, headlights looks like its from a sports car. no back corner window, and i think the doors are too tall, too much body from the side skirts up. and i dont like the rear fenders either…just not a good idea doesnt look like a muscle car at all…

  • Larry Brown

    I believe there will be rear windows in S550 Mustang.