The Mustangs From The 10th Annual Tour D’Orange

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Everybody loves a good road trip. Am I right? One man, Alone, betrayed by his country…well, maybe not, but road trips and cruises are all about the journey.

So while the revelers were sleeping it off early New Year’s morning, over 400 cars and their drivers gathered for the 10th Annual Tour d’Orange through the streets, hills and canyons of Orange County.

I took the long drive from Bakersfield to the OC to participate in this event with Jessica, my 2008 Mustang Shelby GT-C. The worst day in LA traffic in Jessica is better than the best day working. I always have a great time. And this trip was no exception. Aside from a stomach bug that made the journey frought with danger and numerous pit stops, the Mustang perfomed flawlessly.

While the cars were rolling out in long lines of millions of dollars in hardware, I took the opportunity to que up behind 4 cool guys driving 4 Cobra replicas. I figured if I could hang out with these guys, I was gauranteed a wild ride through the OC.

Here is the hype from the event itself to give you a picture of the intent:

Hopefully this will get your juices flowing: This one is a blast for those who like to drive amongst other beasts on a 70 mile loop through Orange County CA. They meet at the corner of Fischer and Redhill in Costa Mesa with a departure at 9:00 a.m. but you should get there early as there will be more than 250 awesome vehicles. Last year they proceeded through Laguna Beach on PCH then up high speed boulevards to Live Oak and Santiago Canyons. When they come out onto broad boulevards everyone is a little antsy and there is spirited driving. They finish at a large parking lot at In and Out Burger for those who are left. All this takes place on January 1st. 2012. It’s not for those who party all night on New Years Eve or those who rather show their vehicle and not put on the miles. This is a real cruise open to all vehicles. It will include Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Lotus’s, classics, hot rods, sports cars, vintage race cars, kits, contemporary vehicles including a Prius and smart car (gag me) but there are so many cool vehicles it’s really something. In 2012 there were an estimate 450 vehicles. I know it’s early but this is one not to miss. Everyone is welcome even your father’s Buick. Try to get there early to inhale the atmosphere and all the cool vehicles. I love the fog and it’s been foggy every year up to about 8:00 a.m. which makes it even more special.

Yeah, it was groups of Lotus (Loti???), gaggles of Porsches, clusters of Corvettes, a squadron of Challengers, a nice herd of Mustangs, Ferraris, GT40s, Mercedes, Vipers, Oh Myyyy.

You get the picture. OC money. The gallery below is mostly of Mustangs, but if you surf youtube, you will find a few videos of the hardware on hand. Aint no party like an OC party. Especially at 8 am following New Years Eve celebrations. Enjoy the show and come on out next time.

Photos by Steven Valline and Raymond Elgin

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