The Mustangs Of SEMA 2011

Posted by on October 23, 2011 - zero

The biggest aftermarket party of the year is a week away, so now is the time to start salivating over the cars we anticipate will be on display. And naturally we are interested in the Mustangs that will be tricked out and overhauled. So here are a couple sneak peaks at ones we know about.

As reported on, The Richard Petty Signature Series Mustang is coming to us from Petty’s Garage. The King of racing has already launched the Challenger Signature Series and has now turned his attention to the 2012 Ford Mustangs. Featuring a unique paint scheme and Ford Racing supercharger, the Petty Mustang will be featured in the BASF booth.

Next on the list is another offering from Neil Tjin, who this year brings a bright orange 2012 Mustang to the show, complete with custom interior, wheels, and supercharger. We’ll be getting pictures of this bad boy at the Vortec/Paxton booth.

Amie Williams already brought us the sneak peak on the Forgiato Widebody Mustang headed for SEMA.

Ford itself has sent out a teaser video of something special they are cooking up for SEMA. As reported on Torque News, apparently Ford is going to offer a classic 1965 Mustang body through their restoration parts division.

And images have surfaced of Ford blitzing the show with Focii (plural Focus) and Fiestas from different tuning shops. If any of our intrepid readers have heard of any other Mustangs that need to be added to the list, please let us know.

Also, since there will be 3 of us from Mustang Evolution covering the event this year, give us some direction of where to focus our lenses and attention, so we can be sure to capture the Mustangs you enthusiasts are interested in the most.