These Are Not The 2015 Mustangs You Are Looking For

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When they introduced the EVOS Concept, Ford may have felt a strange disturbance in the force, like millions of voices suddenly cried out “Is THAT the 2015 Mustang???” and then were suddenly silenced. For the Galactic Ford Empire press release clearly stated that the EVOS is a concept only – it will never become fully operational – and is only intended to show the direction Ford’s galactic design team will be following.

So while the faithful Mustang troopers are ever vigilant for what the next ‘Stang will look like, we can rest assured that these are not the 2015 Mustangs you are looking for. Say it with me; <these are not the 2015 Mustangs we are looking for>…Move along…<move along>.

How do we know that for sure? While Ford has pointed out that the 2015 Mustang will be ditching the retro looks for a modern design, Ford has promised that the Mustang Faithful will not be disappointed. And even though the EVOS is described as a muscular fastback, its proportions are all wrong for a Mustang. The overall size is about right, but the cab is moved forward so far that it shrinks the hood and limits the engine compartment. Not only that, but the “fastback” is too far back and too high for a sporty coupe. When comparing the proportions of the current Mustang with the EVOS, these things become obvious. In addition, the most striking design cues of the Mustang are the front lights and rear end. So we should expect those to resemble current and past Mustangs.

The EVOS Concept’s design is stunning and beautiful. It looks good from every angle – like the Twi-lek dancing girl at Jabba’s Palace. And Ford has indicated that the next generation of cars will all have stunning design. If the EVOS reminds you of something sinister and gorgeous that you remember seeing a long time ago, in a Ford Galaxy far, far away, let me remind you of the contest winning Ford Interceptor Mad Max Concept designs that came from the outer rim territory of Australia. Notice the striking similarities in design cues the EVOS and the Interceptor share. So is THAT the next Mustang?

Unfortunately, we are operating with the blast shields down. But your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them. While the Interceptor is 100% pure awesome, its proportions are not going to work in the real world. In order to put those bad boys on the street, the Mustang’s cabin would have to shrink to Ewok proportions and it would have to have Camaro-like-ridonkulously-sized wheels to fill those arches.

So what can we conclude from Ford’s hints at the NextStang? First, it will be awesome. Second, it will have a family resemblance to the EVOS Concept. And third, it may very well look a lot like the 2006 Giugiaro Mustang Concept car. Except for the windshield being too far back, the proportions are right for the real world, it is futuristic (still, 5 years later) and liquid sexy enough to please everyone, from Warriors in Pink to Shelby fans. And it would nicely bring the Mustang into the 21st century with its design and packaging. Can we see a show of hands for anyone who would be disappointed if the 2015 Mustang looked like a mash-up of the EVOS / Interceptor / Giugiaro / current Mustangs?

Editorial note: If you dissagree with this creative commentary based on personal fantasty, feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. But be warned, that I reserve the right to change this fantasy as new technologies become available. Please also note that all Jar Jar Binks type characters and references were left on the editting room floor (you’re welcome). If at any time during your read, some of the fonts appear distorted or fuzzy, just ignore that and keep reading. That is just me adding and cutting scenes at whim. If you hardly recognize this article in its iPod release, don’t worry, it will change again by the time you get home, requiring you to repurchase the whole bloody article again in its new “improved” version.

  • Matt Loson

    A take 

    • Steven R Valline

      You are as wise and Yoda and as skilled with the typing as Mace Windu. Of course you are correct (I hope). I saw an article on another site that shall remain nameless and they were saying that the EVOS was the 2015 Mustang. Of course none of our readers would believe that, but I thought I would take the opportunity to have some fun with it. There were some sketches from Ford in the EVOS press kit that were very close to Mustang proportions, but the front and rear were all wrong – the lights were nothing like a Mustang.

      • Matt Loson

        Lol…thanks. I’m a Ford guy and want to head into something automotive related after school so I follow Ford news pretty closely. I was glad I got to be the first commenter so I could keep other people from commenting saying it was the new Mustang. Not saying you shouldn’t have made the article lol…glad you included the Giugiaro too, it’s such a nice looking car that it’s a shame it wasn’t made into the 2010 remodel. Cost prohibitive most likely lol. And yea I don’t really see “Ford” DNA in the EVOS, it looks more like an Aston Martin to me…that in itself isn’t a bad thing. Means we’re going to have a great looking Fusion in a couple years

        • Steven R Valline

          Yep – I like the direction they are heading in. Personally, I am not crazy about the Giugiaro canopy. But I love the interior. Real horse leather belongs in a Mustang. Jost something is heading up the Ford global design team for the Mustang and he just appeared this week in a video for the new Focus ST – he said the ST is going to be off the charts and worth waiting for, so the Mustang HAS to be great too.

        • Matt Loson

          In my opinion the Mustang has always looked great, except the ’94s to ’98s…it’s like they wanted to make the Mach III into a real car but gave up about 5 seconds later and said that’ll do.

  • ahkeith salley

    Nailing 2015 is really easy just as long as ford doesnt play the ‘multi-demographic’ goal.
    Thats the problem with all mustangs,whats kept them from full greatness is fords attempt to please too many targets which results in watering down everything. The mustang needs to be a singular focused vision,  not a committee conjunction.
    No multi-platform junk,  no hybrid junk,  the mustang is a GT sports car. period.
    It needs to me mean sleak sexy and rambunctious.  Think Gone in 60 sec elanor.  but it also needs class and style,  think aston v8 vantage.   The stang does have british influence in its design.  so it should carry some of that.   but it must not be some plasticy looking behemoth either. EVOS is not it! -BUT!!! if EVOS was transformed into a sleek sexy sportscar with the mustang key looks, it may be interesting.  the evos wheels look far to big.. very hybrid like, part car part mini suv, AND THATS NOT A MUSTANG!!

  • Connie Meyers

    I would like the 2015 Mustang to look like this… I’d buy one RIGHT NOW!