Video: 1967 Ford Mustang GTA

Posted by on March 15, 2012 - zero

This is one pretty classic fastback that the owner, Angelo, wanted to be absolutely perfect. He wanted everything perfected “from the trunk to the glove compartment” during the restoration. This beautiful Mustang is painted in Silver Frost Metallic and has been restored perfectly to his specifications. He didn’t want a half-restored car, he wanted a restored car from top to bottom and every little piece to be pristine. Chris over at Mustang Restorations in Illinois is the guy who restored this beauty.

It had a real radical cam in it with a different manifolded carb, he basically took the engine apart and rebuilt it so it could be of daily use if need be. He added a street cam to give it a very nice idle. He kept the original 289 engine with the high-performance A-code mated with a automatic C-4 transmission. It has a beautiful rear with this unique trim around the tail lights and the bezel that was available back in the day. One of the first things that stands out on this Mustang while doing a walk-around. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing addition. Most of it is all manual, like the windows, etc. You gotta keep it old school.

Source: [Classic Recollections]