Video: Battle Of The Forgiato Wide-Body Ford Mustangs

Posted by on March 2, 2012 - one

The wheel company, Forgiato Wheels, released this flashy video of two wide-body S-197 Mustangs tearing up the street with some pretty awesome backdrops. Both Mustangs feature Forgiato 2.0 wheels with ECX Forging. And just so you know, these Mustangs are being driven professionally through the streets of LA. What an awesome job that must be.

It’s just a short clip of a whole lot of fun and has me wanting to go out and joyride. Wide-body Mustangs seem to be the trend lately and this hand-welded kit widens the body a good 9 inches from stock giving it a much beefier stance. They definitely appear to be pretty sinister while engulfed in smoke and engines roaring.

What do you think?

  • Steven R Valline

    Sweet Mother of Pearl – that was awesome – thanks for sharing!!!