Video: Cobra Jet Ford Mustang Perfroms Wheelie And Then Crashes

Posted by on November 28, 2012 - zero
Cobra Jet Wheelie

The Cobra Jet Ford Mustangs are no joke on the track whether supercharged or naturally aspirated. They are very limited with only 50 produced and are drool-worthy to any performance Mustang enthusiast. If you’re looking for one, your best bet is probably eBay.

However, having a fast car and the thrill to race doesn’t mean that your invincible in any way. It’s good to be aware of your surroundings and know that anything can happen out there. This video proves true when a new Cobra Jet Ford Mustang pops a wheelie with the front end staring at the sky and the rear sitting on the ground as the light turns green. It looks pretty awesome at first but as split seconds go by, the ride takes a turn for the worse and the car is completely destroyed. Check out the video and check out the action for yourself.

Luckily for the other Mustang on the track, he stopped in time when the  mangled Cobra Jet careened into the right passing lane. Now that’s a front seat in the action and probably pretty scary to see a car lose control right in front of you while trying to get your best quarter mile time.

According to the story, the driver of the factory track-ready beast walked away without any injuries but his ego is probably pretty bruised about smashing his new high-performance Cobra Jet into a concrete barrier sending parts flying everywhere and then some. While the video is shocking, that wheelie was still pretty cool.

Source: [AutoBlog]