Video: Fox Mustang Nails Tree During Autocross

Posted by on February 15, 2011 - more

You have to be a good driver to succeed at Autocross. It means having skills in handling and all around driving. Most cars can compete since it’s not a game of horsepower. You don’t reach highway speeds.

This guy here let his frustrations get the best of him. He laid on the throttle and lost control of his Mustang and slammed it into a tree right next to where his passenger was sitting. As Newton put it, for every action there is a reaction.



  1. Tommy says:

    What numbnutz would ever set up any kind of a race course somewhere with all those trees!!! It’s lucky nobody was killed running into one of them. Next time find a lot that doesn’t have so many obstacles, or you could just use the trees instead of cones. lol

  2. tommy says:

    run auto cross for several years S.C.C.A. never any trees dumb, dumb, dumb .

  3. Tjzola says:

    Yeah who in the right mind would setup a race or course in a parking lot with trees sitting there by all means I would have done that.

  4. Ouch says:

    Time to call GEICO

  5. Autox231 says:

    An AutoX with trees???? What a bunch of morons!!!!!!! And whats worse is someone who cant drive for shit.

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