Video: How The Almighty Ford Mustang Is Made

Posted by on January 8, 2013 - zero

Have you ever wondered how exactly how your Mustang has been made? I mean, it didn’t just appear out of thin air and our parents unfortunately didn’t give birth to any dream cars that we know of.

You can’t get a public tour inside of the Flat Rock, but in the National Geographic show, How It’s Made, they were invited inside of Ford Motor Company’s plant located in Detroit, Michigan, and into the making of the brand new 2013 Ford Mustang. Whether it’s the Mustang V6, GT, Boss 302, or Ford’s fastest production Mustang ever, the 662-hp Shelby GT500.

According to plant workers at Flat Rock, the combinations of Mustangs built are in the thousands. The parts warehouse is stock full of goodies just awaiting installation on a nice, shiny new Mustang.

This plant in Detroit has its very own steel rollers on site, not having to send the cars outside of their facility. Also, stamping plant on site for the body panels, floor pans, etc. Also, the doors are fitted and then reattached for interior trim and then installed again near the end of the factory build process. Also, specific people are assigned to assembling the dash and certain areas.

The molding inside of the plastic bumper covers are injected inside of the plant. All of the assembling such as the engines, transmissions, axles are shipped in but they are put together once they arrive to Michigan.

For those who say that the Mustang doesn’t count as a muscle car might want to take the new ’13 Shelby for a ride and then rethink that former decision. It’s a beast to be reckoned with, cheaper than any super car, and it’s all-American.