Video: Vette-Powered Ford Mustang “LS7” Tearing Up Hungary Drift Scene

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LS7 Mustang

Drifting is a growing sport in the Ford Mustang world with the likes of Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Justin Pawlak tearing it up all over for the Formula Drift competition with their 5.0-liter rear-wheel-drive cars, stomping out front-wheel-drive imports. While these Mustangs are highly-modified for the track, they still use the stock Coyote 302 powertrain in the Formula Drift Competition here in the United States.

Meanwhile, over in Hungary, a drift group called the Sidewayz Crew are doing things way different. They brought a beast to life with their monster S-197 Stang rockin’ an LS7 Corvette V8 engine. Yep, a VETTE engine in a Mustang! Hardcore Ford fans, what do you think of this? Don’t worry, I’m sure the hardcore Chevy fans feel the same way. But as a domestic concoction (well, not in Hungary), it is pretty badass.

Sidewayz Crew – KING OF EUROPE DRIFT – Hungaroring 2012. from XPROVID Films. on Vimeo.

“Corvette engine in a Mustang? Here in the USA that is a no no, no matter how good a drift car it makes.”, a comment from Drift Archive under the video’s location on Vimeo.

The driver responded with this:

“Yes we know it, but we dont care. The mustang is a beast with the ls7…:) Here in Europe this is just a good car with a good engine.”

While some hardcore traditional Ford fans may consider it blasphemy to sport a bow-tie engine inside of a blue oval bay, this one definitely runs like a beast, like it or not. This pretty sweet promo video, minus the dub-step, was made by the Sidewayz Crew while racing the King of Europe DRIFT 2012 – Hungaroring. Get through the music and you can hear the Stang roarin’ through the course. The driver of this crazy Stang is Arpad Enekes and he is sponsored by Nano Enegizer, Heaven Freeze, and Debit Max.

What do you think of this Chevrolet-powered Ford?

Source: [StangTV]