Video: Kevin Neal’s Ford Mustang Fox Body Performs Wheel Stand Before Crashing

Posted by on February 27, 2012 - more
Kevin Neal's FoxBody

Drag racing is usually an awesome time, especially if you have something powerful to show off. However, having a lot of power can be pretty scary. Check out this video of Kevin Neal’s Fox Body at the Lights Out 3 Radial Revolution event at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The Fox launches up and comes crashes down. It continues to slide across the track on the driver’s side. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt although it appears that the Fox may have suffered a few injuries.

Watch him take off below from all angles and even from the Go Pro cam.

  • Thomas Gambon

    I don’t understand why so many classes don’t allow wheelie bars. They are a vital piece of SAFETY equipment for a high horsepower car. While bumper dragging wheels up runs look cool for the fans, even if you don’t crash it can do alot of damage when the car returns to earth. Glad to see Kevin’s okay though, the car can be fixed a broken (human)body takes a bit longer.

  • Mitch Baker

    i saw this wreck in person,he never let out from the word go