Video: Mustang Built Tornado Tough

Posted by on April 29, 2011 - more

Here is a video of a Mustang that looks like it should be in the junkyard after a slew of storms tore through the south causing widespread destruction and taking lives.

Many tornados touched down in quite a few states causing widespread damage and disaster and that includes two of Alabama’s biggest cities, Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.

Source: Jalopnik

  • Robb15033

    Nows a good time to get those rims swapped out!
    May God bless all those effected.

  • JDwoodman

    I can’t believe it still runs!!!

  • Kgambler44

    That is what Ford means when they say Built Ford Tough.

  • Dans07gt

    Thats great. didn’t see any GM or Chrysler products making it. i’d keep it that way and use it as a show car. most modified by mother nature. just get the motor fixed. i hope your decuctable covers it. good luck and god bless you. God was on your side and DRIVE ONE. hey at least you still can.

  • Annette