Vietnam Veteran Has Ford Mustang Dream Car Restored By Body Shop

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Gary Dickinson is a Vietnam War Veteran and sold his 1970 Ford Mustang after he joined the U.S. Army to fight in the Vietnam War. He didn’t want it to just sit there wasting away.

Decades later, after returning home, he finally bought another Mustang to replace his first love. He wanted to return it to pristine shape and asked a body shop for an estimate. It was way more than Dickinson expected and could afford being on a fixed disability income.

Gary then met Rodney Goins, at Goins Automotive and Body Shop. He told Gary that he’d fix up his dream ride for a mere $4,000 as a “thank you” for his services.

“I had uncles in the armed services,” Goins said. “I’ve never been in the service, but I’ve always had a lot of respect for them.”

The Ford Mustang had seen better days with uneven doors, caked on rust and torn-up bumpers. Goins and Dickinson became friends as well as “one of the guys” around the shop. Dickinson’s wife helped a ton with the car and helped get the car painted that “dark bright aqua metallic” blue that it once was.

“I would still be in the garage telling the car, ‘Oh baby, one day you’re going to get painted,’” he said.

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