Vote For The BOSS 302 As Fox Car Report’s Favorite Car Of The Year!

Posted by on December 27, 2011 - more

C’mon Mustang folks! Our BOSS 302 needs our help when it comes to being named Fox Car Report’s Favorite Car of the Year! The BOSS 302 and the BMW 1-Series are in a close race for first and we CANNOT be outdone by the “Bimmer” guys.

I guess we can forget that the rest of the cars are even in this race considering one is a Nissan Puke, I mean, Juke. Or do I? The Dodge Charger is nominated as well as that little ass Fiat. Yep, the Fiat. If you’re voting because of Jennifer Lopez than your vote just shouldn’t count, period.

Fiat’s return to the United States is not a chick car, it’s a “chic” car. It’s also the only Italian car you can buy here for less than $126,500, and costs just $16,000. You got a problem with that? Um… maybe? It’s still no BOSS!

Come on Mustang folks, we can get BOSS into this number one spot where it most certainly deserves to be! VOTE HERE!


  1. Gregg Faulkenberry says:

    Well……you folks better start getting the votes in there…..! Yes the BMW has a slight lead, BUT can’t believe the Nissan Juke (or Joke in my mind) has the lead…yuck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Greg is right. Get out there and vote now!
    Don’t let the Juke/Joke and F&F crowd win this.

  3. Anthony Peyton says:

    Here were the results as of my vote as of 16:30 EST:

    Thank you for voting!

    1M  18.7%  (8,253 votes)  
      Boss 302  28.57%  (12,611 votes)  
      Juke  43.79%  (19,325 votes)        <—-WTF!!!  
      Charger  7.37%  (3,252 votes)  
      500  1.57%  (694 votes)  
        Total Votes: 44,135
    Read more:

  4. John Beavers says:

    The Juke is kicking ass…  Fox, what would you expect?

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