Your Shelby Dream Financed By Ford Credit

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Information courtesy of Roger at Shelby American, Inc.

Ford makes the Mustang, Shelby “izes” it. For the well healed, a genuine Shelby Mustang in the garage is a need, not a want. And with Ford continually making the Mustang better, that only means that the Shelby Mustangs just keep getting better too.

Whether it is the GT350, the GTS or the GT500 Super Snake, there isn’t a stinker in the bunch. For the least amount of money out of your pocket, the Mustang V6 Shelby GTS is the foot in the door for someone to have a brand new Shelby Mustang.

Believe me, these GTS Mustangs are no joke – Gary Patterson was blazing around the track at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational in a V6 GTS. The Mustang Shelby GTS is a true performance car with the Shelby pedigree. It is by far, the least expensive way to join the Shelby Family with a new car.

Now, with incentives from Ford on 2012 Mustangs, along with the option of financing the upfit through Ford Credit, it is a lot more attainable.

Ford announces 0% interest incentive programs!

This is a GREAT time to get into an exciting 50th Anniversary Shelby GTS or GT350!
Currently Ford Motor Company has released unbelievable incentives for all 2012 Mustang GT’s and V6’s (excludes SVT and Boss 302)

Keep in mind that incentives are determined by your zip code and county.

Current Ford offers are 0% financing for up to 60 months OR $3000.00 rebate.

Some areas have a combined $500 rebate and 0% for up to 60 months (please contact your local Ford dealer for accurate incentives for your state or county)

Dreaming of your Shelby? YOU CAN FINANCE up to 75% of your conversion! See how!

Ford is also allowing for all Shelby conversion costs to be added to your special financing rate of 0%. Ford Credit will finance 75% of your conversion cost.
For example: 2012 Mustang GT
BASE PRICE: $30,000.00
GT350 PACKAGE PRICE: $35,000.00
Ford Credit will finance 75% of the GT350 package price to your $30,000.00 base car loan.
75% would be in this example $26,250.00

$30,000.00 base Mustang GT
$35,000.00 GT350 package
$8,750.00 down payment required/balance of 75% of GT350 package.
Total financed: $56,250.00 (not including tax and fees)
$56,250.00X60=$937.50@ 0% for 60 months

Ford credit will finance 75% of any:
50th Anniversary package, GT350 package, GTS package, Super Snake package (contact your SVT dealer for SVT vehicle rates)
For more details and pre approvals contact your Las Vegas Ford dealer.

In Las Vegas, your contact is:

Manny Galvan
High Performance Vehicle Manager, Gaudin Ford
2121 E. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Cell 702-400-0999
Office 702-731-2121
Fax. 702-731-1506