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By Brent Wilson on Mar 25

Retractable Hardtop Mustang Video

A few days ago we told you about the Retractable Hardtop Mustang that was being developed by Peter Muscat of …

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By Brent Wilson on Mar 22

Aftermarket Mustang Retractable HardTop Developed

The Retractable Hardtop Mustang has come up in the past on our forums when a member posted a CDC prototype …

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By Brent Wilson on Mar 21

Roush To Build Only One BlackJack Mustang Convertible

Roush recently announced the Roush BlackJack Mustang as a limited run 100 production run model Ford Mustang. The car will …

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By Brent Wilson on Mar 15

New Roush Wheels For 2005-2007 Mustangs

More news from Roush Performance as they are set to release eight new styles of wheels for the 2005-2007 Mustang. …


By Brent Wilson on Mar 6

Retro Roush Rear Window Louvers

Roush Performance has a new offering for Mustang owners who want to add more flavor to the exterior of their …


By Brent Wilson on Mar 1

How To Replace 1994-1998 Mustang Headlights

I want to share how headlight replacement is on 94 – 98 Stangs is done, since I did it today. …


By Brent Wilson on Mar 1

Mach 1 Grill Delete Installation

A Mach 1 Grill delete is rather simple. There will be a few places that the install may get a …


By Brent Wilson on Feb 28

Painting Mustang Rear Valance

Painting your rear valance is a pretty easy process that just takes a lot of time and patience. But anytime …


By Brent Wilson on Feb 28

Painting Faded Mustang Cowl Pieces

First, you may want someone to help you out in the process of removing the cowl and putting it back …


By Brent Wilson on Feb 28

Restoring Ford Mustang Headlights

When I purchased my mustang, the first thing that I noticed was the hazy and foggy headlights. New headlights are …


By Brent Wilson on Feb 28

Installing Mustang Lowering Springs

Article Credits Author: SpectorV Editor: Brent The installation of lowering springs is usually pretty straight forward; however the installation of …


By Brent Wilson on Feb 28

Mustang Nitrous Information & FAQ

Note: This is mainly for V6 engines, but the information can be applied to V8s or any other engine, just …


By Brent Wilson on Feb 28

V6 Mustang Modification Guide

This article is meant to give someone who is new to cars some info on where and what to get …


By Brent Wilson on Feb 28

Swapping A 5.0L EFI & T-5 Into A Classic Mustang

Article Credits Author: Fast64 Editor: Brent The EFI 5.0 engine and T5 transmission swap is beginning to be a popular …


By Brent Wilson on Feb 28

Mustang Torque Converter FAQ

Fluid Coupler Imagine two fans facing each other at a very close distance. If one fan was turned on, the …

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