Nelson Weems

Nelson Weems While I would like to believe Mustang, 5.0, Ford, or car were the first words to leave my mouth, they weren’t. I was an everyday Louisiana born kid with a flat top cut raised in a union working & supporting family. I was introduced to high cam lobes, durations, and standard sized Craftsman tools by my uncle and his white and black, four-eyed ’84 hatch. With seven years separating me from my oldest brother, cars began to grow on me before puberty even had a chance. I can remember sneaking Super Fords and other Mustang magazines out of my brother’s room more than I was sneaking Hustler or Playboy past my parents. I was more interested in being elbow deep with grease, oil, and coolant all over me at the age of 12 then chasing girls or playing games on a the Sega Dreamcast. I guess I was lucky enough to have patient family members who actively taught me everything they knew (which wasn’t much, as we were all learning) about Mustangs and domestic cars. As I grew up my involvement in the automotive world at an early age developed into a strong desire for Ford and their products. I went to work in an automotive shop learning as much as I could as fast as I can while in high school. After graduation this career and my communication skills provided me an opportunity to move into the customer service field as a Service Advisor within different dealerships and manufactures. I am currently a Service Advisor for a local Dodge dealership with an affiliated Ford dealership a couple steps away. Following this career I was blessed with the chance to buy my first Mustang, a 2001 Cobra, on my own. My mineral gray, dual overhead cam, mod motoer was just the beginning of a very painful mod-bug bite. I spent plenty of blood, sweat, money, and energy on my cars including my recently sold 2004 Mystichrome Cobra. While I do not drive any Mustangs at this point, I am still operating a Ford and have begun a 1993 Cobra project car. These cars act as a crutch and stronghold for me when I need. My passion for Mustangs is definitely more than skin deep. I look forward to the years to come in the sports car industry as I feel that the horsepower wars have just begun again. With Ford’s strides in technology and efforts in performance and efficiency we can definitely expect to see an enjoyable challenge and journey to come. From MustangEvolution:

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