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Old 09-12-2015, 12:15 AM   #1
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'66 candidate for purchase...

After paying off my '05 and selling it then paying a couple of bills, I am left with $7,000 for the purchase of a vintage mustang. This is the strongest candidate and coincidentally is exactly $7,000! Now you know as much as I do.


Edit: Step 1 is remove the stripes!
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^ Looks pretty clean. Will you be able to inspect it in person to make sure there's no frame rot or other hidden rust problems?
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Looks can be deceiving.... Look under the car/look for welds that don't look factory. Also look for rust in the lower quarters/trunk drop off panels are floors and probably the worst spot is the lower cowel. After that make sure all the lights work the electrical parts on classics can be a pain when the stop working. Look for any major leaks and check for clean fluids. After all that look at bushings and steering parts.

The later parts "aren't that big of a deal" and can all be easily taken care of but are more of a negotiation stand point. Also just depends on your are but here in Cali depending on mileage that's not ok bad of a price
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At first glance, it looks like a decent car, possibly worth 7k. What would your plans be? If you're trying to flip it, I'd look at something else, I don't see 66 coupes moving fast for much more than that. If you're keeping it or restoring it, I'd get underneath it with a light and really scour around for signs of rust and repairs. Check the rubber suspension parts, see if they're cracking, check for leaks or drips, and anything else while you're under it. Also stick your head in the trunk and look up, and around the gas tank, these can be rust problem areas. These aren't necessarily deal breakers, but good to be aware of and possibly things to negotiate over. It would need to be well sorted to be worth $7k in my mind, but do some research on what they're fetching on eBay and CL.

You can't get a Marti report on a 66, but at the very least decode the vin and see what the original engine/plant/color it was. Also consider a compression test to be sure there are no engine surprises.

Apart from that, the usual things before buying any car - test drive it and inspect the hell out of it. Good luck!
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What engine? 289? Looks ok on the outside by the pics, but look underneath well.

I'd offer $4500. Don't see it bringing the asking price. '66 coupes are not very desirable, so you should have some leverage. I'd figure out why the seller is selling.

Plus side is that it looks complete, could be a good base to get started.

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How close is the car to you...........I'd have to see it in person or have someone I trusted look at for me before I'd even think about laying out money.
Having restored a 65 Convertible and 66 GT there are a lot of things to look for and being from East of the Rockies rust and hidden accident repairs would be the major concern.
Look at the engine bay for signs of rust or repair on the shock towers, look under the battery tray and the edges of the core support down by the frame rails. Look at the condition of the front end components and the strut rods and mounting point and any sign of damage from a prior accident.
Look for staining along either side of the headliner sail and and the package tray. Rust in that area around the rear window can be costly to repair. I'd also look at the floors under the drivers/passenger side.......if the window is leaking this is where the water will go and again the floor pan is not so much a problem...left alone it can spread to the rockers...that is a problem.
Also look at the frame where the front springs attach to the body..and the rear also as they have been known to rust out.....another expensive fix. I noticed a wire that had either been spliced or dead ended in the engine bay coming off the battery...why was this done. Mustang coupes are not what I would call an investment grade car...........if you are looking to restore it or just have fun driving it I'd be ok, just take a kitchen magnet with you and go over the parts of the body that could be filled with bondo.................IMHO
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Went to see it today and decided against it. The guy didn't tell me the brakes were locking up in the rear when I talked to him on the phone and the paint is nowhere as good as the pictures make it out to be. The engine runs rough as hell and if the floor pans aren't rusted out now, they will be soon.

So I passed.
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