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    slicks and drs are about the same price in my experience. I think I got mine on sale for a touch over 200/tire at Jegs. I mounted them on some 00 Mustang 16" V6 wheels that I got for free. I used those because I already had some 16" drag radials to use from my last car, at first. Yeah, the rim's a little narrow and wrong offset for S197 but, I have had no rubbing issues so far.

    I'd say shorty headers and a no-tune CAI are expensive ways to make very little real gains. The car needs a tune for any real gains, since it is starting at over 400 horse factory. There just isn't sandbagging built into engines like their used to be. You would have been better to spend the money on a torque converter for the auto but, not everyone wants to do this kind of internal mod. The auto, especially, is desperate for a tune that alters/speeds up the shifting. For this reason, I would not use Procal as it leaves the factory auto programming alone.

    I was amazed a how successful my strategy was.
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