1991 Ford Mustang

From 1987 through 1990, the Mustang was almost identical and customers were looking for a change. In 1991, they got what they wanted and some changes were made, though it had little impact on sales which were still the lowest they had been in nine years.

Though the decline in sales may have been due to consumers desiring a new look after more than ten years, Ford still used the same vehicle and offered it as a coupe, convertible and two-door hatchback. All three body styles were offered with an LX trim and standard four cylinder engine with an optional V8, while the hatchback and convertible GT were came standard with a V8.

In 1991, the base price of a Mustang first broke $10,000 and went upwards to almost $20,000, but was still considered affordable.

Powertrain and Performance
The 1991 Mustang featured the same 5.0-liter HO engine with 19lb-hr injectors, a mass airflow sensor, E7TE truck heads, a 60 mm throttle body, low restriction remote air cleaner, a roller lifter cam and other details from the previous year. Also carried over from the previous model year was the standard equipment, including rear quadra shocks with gas pressurized struts, stainless steel tubular headers, progressive rate springs in the handling suspension, 10.84 inch front brakes, and a 1.3 inch anti-sway bar in front with a .83 inch anti-sway bar in the rear.

New in 1991, the 16 inch wheels were coupled with Goodyear uni-directional Gatorbacks on standard Mustangs with an available upgrade to all-season performance tires.

Though the base Mustang model did receive a welcome increase in horsepower, it was offset by noise, a lack of acceleration on the four cylinder, limited rear space, and a bumpy ride.

Except for a change in stack height which gave the convertible a smoother looking profile with the top down when compared to previous models, the 1991 Mustang exterior was nearly identical to its predecessors.

Most of the exterior colors remained the same in 1991, including Bright Red, Wild Strawberry Metallic, Oxford White, Twilight Blue Metallic, Black Clearcoat, Twilight Blue Metallic, and Ultra Blue Metallic. New colors were introduced for the GT, among them Medium Red, Medium Titanium Clearcoat Metallic, Deep Emerald Green Clearcoat Metallic, and Titanium Frost Clearcoat Metallic.

In addition, the GT used the same ground effects package, headlamps, aerodynamic front, rear wing, circular fog lights, and a level quarter window in the rear.

1991 Mustang Interior
The 1991 Mustang interior remained fairly unchanged as well, though a lock on the shifter in automatic Mustangs required a foot on the brake to shift into gear, providing a welcomed safety upgrade over the previous key release button.

Much like the exterior, the interior retained the same colors from previous years: Titanium, Scarlet Red, and Black with Titanium leather in the GT hatchback. Convertible GTs had three interior trim choices of white and titanium, black, and white and red.

Options were more or less the same, including an electronic AM/FM stereo/cassette, dual remote mirrors, power locks and windows, sunroof, speed control, and air conditioning. Returning after a brief hiatus was the seven band graphic equalizer, accompanied by a new tie down net for cargo in the rear hatch, a driver’s side airbag and rear shoulder belts.

Also carried over from the 1990 Mustang were the interval wipers, sporty seats, center console, and 7,000 rpm tachometer. The same convenient placement of the support for the driver’s foot as well as the brake and accelerator pedals was also the same as in previous years.

Final Thoughts
Despite having been around for over a decade by 1991, the Mustang GT still held onto its fans and continued in its tradition as king of the pony car. Although it suffered low sales, the Mustang bounced back and was still seen as an affordable sports can that could be enjoyed by any American. Power, performance, style, affordability and a rich history combine to make the Mustang a unique vehicle.

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