1999 Ford Mustang

35 years after its debut and the Ford Mustang is still prancing strong throughout the car industry, releasing a completely overhauled Mustang. This milestone in Mustang history was complimented with a sleek, new design and other new components such as a updated interior and a upgraded engine.

Ford had hyped up the release of the 1999 Ford Mustang and boy did they deliver. Both longtime Mustang owners and prospective buyers jumped at the new Mustangs released, including a special 35th year series. Mustang had delivered 35 years of quality driving and with the new release no one doubted they would deliver for 35 more.

The 1999 Mustang installed some new changes to the car that would become a status symbol of the vehicle for years to come. The pony had been pumping some iron in preparation for its release and the engine showed such, delivering over 40 more horsepower and Torque than it’s 1998 predecessor. The GT also received an upgraded package, with a substantial horsepower boost of 35. These two versions of the Mustang became the perfect example of a sports car hybrid, delivering the thrill of a great ride with the capacity to downgrade on a quiet drive to the park.

One of the new improvements that improved the daily drive with a Mustang was the improved suspension system. The rear axle was the biggest focus for Ford in improving the Mustangs Suspension. The faster response time and cleaner steering became apparent to all buyers of the 99′ Mustang. Another great addition to the Mustang was the improved traction control, which reduced the amount of tire spin experienced when coming to a complete stop or going through a turn. Ford also took measures to reduce the stiffness of the steering wheel, which had received complaints for its driving complication. The brakes also were subject to a huge overhaul, with such changes as removing weight from the front of the car, which made breaking considerably smoother. Also the ABS, although it remained optional, was improved and most of the Mustang buyers added this package on. All of the many additions and adjustments to the 99′ car complimented the new ideology for the Mustang, the power of a sports car melded into the smoothness of a normal vehicle.

The interior of the Prancing Pony went relatively unchanged, aside from some minor improvements to comfort and safety. With some key adjustments to the seat belt, tall Mustang owners no longer felt cramped in the driver seat. The seats in general experienced the most change, with the foam and fabric improved for comfort. Another long awaited update came to the stereo system with improved speakers and optional CD/cassette features.

The Mustang exterior was left far from untouched, with various features adding to the feel of a true muscle car. Maintaining the trend of highlighting the style of the Mustangs of the 60’s, The 64′ Mustang was a major influence towards the design of the 99′ muscle car. Still, chiseled lines and sharply curved angles retained the modern muscle car look of the late 90’s. Unique elements such as three tail lights and sharply cornered rear fenders set the 99’s Mustang ahead and apart from other Muscle cars in this era. Three new colors were added as a present to Mustang owners, with revolutionary color models such as medium graphite.

The 99′ Mustang was a great year for Ford and its customers alike, with the solid new verion of the historic muscle car prowling throughout America. The ability to keep the Mustang at a extremely low price, compared to other sports cars, increased Fords potential consumer base. This, along with the great updates to an already solid car, allowed Ford to capture the majority of the sports car market, solidifying Mustang as the top sports car.

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    Posted by on August 15, 2006