1968 Mustang Commercials

1968 was a good year for Mustang Commercials. We got four of them to show you including the Shelby GT500.

This first commercial is kind of funny. This commercial targets women and shows them that they too can be cool and get all the men to notice them if they have a Mustang. Don’t think it’s true? Just wait till the end of the commercial!

Now this commercial is just hilarious. Frank is trying to hook up with Lucile but being a band geek isn’t helping him any. Little does Lucile know that there is a Mustang side to Frank. I know the only reason I get girls is due to my Mustang. It works. True story.

This is so ridiculously bad it’s hilarious. Kind of like Snakes on a Plane but a lot shorter and no snakes. There are Mustangs though and they make it happen.

It’s the Shelby GT500! Pretty cool commercial with Carrol Shelby talking about the Mustang.

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Posted by on March 7, 2007