UAW Circling Ford Like Sharks After Recent Profits

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Ford is finally back from the brink of bankruptcy and now the UAW wants to roll back all the concessions that helped get us to this point. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that summer labor talks are likely to turn into a showdown between Ford, along with GMC and Chrysler, and the UAW.

“If they don’t restore everything (we) gave up, the membership is going to knock it down,” said Bill Johnson, plant chairman for UAW Local 900, which represents workers at the Focus plant in Wayne. “The bonuses that were just announced are just ridiculous.” Bill Johnson is referring to the stock package Alan Mulally received for saving what was to be a doomed automaker and returning it to the top of the food chain when it comes to quality and safety.

Recently, UAW President Bob King also had something to say about Mulally’s bonus calling it “morally wrong” while also saying that, “It creates problems for Ford in both the salaried work force and the hourly work force. It seems like one individual is getting all of the gain.”

Who the hell is Bob King to bring morality into this anyways? Since when did it become morally wrong to invest in a boss that knows what the hell he is doing and reward him for 5 years of what has to be the hardest work of his life? Investing is exactly what they are doing as well, because that 50 million dollars was in stock, which provides incentive to continue to work hard to build Ford up.

It is people like Bob King and Bill Johnson that helped run America’s auto industry into the ground with their mind boggling wages for the automotive diarrhea the union workers spewed from the mid 1970’s to the mid 2000’s for American consumers.

What creates problems for Ford is locking a company into pay increases, forcing minimum wages for second-tier employees at quadruple that of the national minimum wage and then crying about Alan Mulally, which one could argue is one of the best CEO’s in America, getting a bonus for saving your job and insuring future success and profitability. That is the kind of issues and attitudes that hurt Ford.

It all boils down to employees being able to dictate to their employer their wages and benefits. It is harmful to the growth of a company and if allowed to happen at the same scale of the past, will put us right back where we were in 2006, facing bankruptcy as other foreign automakers who don’t have to put up with your ridiculous terms pull ahead again.


  1. Don Wilson says:

    WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! The union thugs will destroy the company. Speaking from experience .

  2. Executivedriver says:

    Five years of hard work jetting back and forth to his family on Ford’s diime. Yeah, right

  3. Bburdick says:

    Wyhy don’t ford do away with the uaw and open up a total new non union car assembly operation? Uaw wake up and smell the coffee!!

  4. Biglou622 says:

    I agree with a previous comment made. Ford should open up another factory in a RIGHT TO WORK STATE and hire non-union employees like Toyota, Honda and Nissan have in RIGHT TO WORK STATES!

    • Brent Wilson says:

      This is why Alabama has so many foreign auto makers located there.

    • Htvfd460 says:

      The union workers at certain plants are working forced OT. Even though they are requesting that Ford hire unemployed people from here in USA. They want more jobs for our country so we can fix our economy.

  5. Hammergjh says:

    50,000,000 shares x $15.00/share = $750,000,000. Not too shabby. 3/4 of a billion dollars when Ford’s profit was $6.6 billion. So ONE guy gets over 11% of the profits. One guy. What about all the UAW workers who actually BUILT the cars that made Ford profitable again. What about the engineers who designed them. Do you think Mulally built or designed any of these vehicles that are now so popular? Yet he garners 11% of every vehicle Ford builds? That seems fair.

  6. garabaldi says:

    Good I hope they get what they ask for!!!!!! If not for the employees and the sacrifices they made and their hard work and effort. Ford may not have been in the position that they are in now.Because of that Ford did not have to ask for money ,and with the cooperation of labor and management they built a company that American’s should support. Ford management was ahead of the curve as far as the recession to bad the others were not.

  7. Htvfd460 says:

    Like Sharks? How about Ford still covering up documents requested by the UAW? Ford is outsourcing their designe efforts and Assembaly plants now. Tell me how that benefits the American workers with no jobs. If your for this business practice then don’t complain about our economy.

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