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  1. Adding Subwoofer to 2016 Shaker system

    Mustang Audio & Video
    I have the shaker system in my 2016, but it is the 400A not the 401A. Is it possible to add a factory or a factory style subwoofer to the car? John
  2. Love my Mustang, but...

    General Mustang Discussion
    This is not a huge but... The only thing that would make my 2016 Mustang perfect would be for the DIC to offer a digital speedo option. It seems to have everything else, tire pressure, Fuel/Air ratio, but no digital speedo option. I had a few rentals while I was in FL and both of them had a...
  3. Great deals on 2016 Roush Stage 3 cars

    General Mustang Discussion
    I recently picked up a 2016 Roush stage 3 for 30% off list price. If you do some searching you can pick up several cars for around $55K or even less on occasion. Fox Ford Lincoln in Chicago | Ford Used Car Dealership New 2016 Ford Roush Mustang For Sale | Richmond VA 1FA6P8CF8G5319041...
  4. none :: 2017 Ford Roush Stage 3

    Member Garages
    none :: 2017 Ford Roush Stage 3 (2017-08-16 14:46:25)
  5. Oil Catch Can

    Roush Mustang
    I have read more than one time that most people recommend getting the oil catch can, there are 4 that I am aware of at this point: Ford, JLT, Bob's, and UTI?... If I got the names wrong, forgive me. With the NA engines, installation seems to be pretty simple, one end hooks up to the front of...
  6. My First Mustang... 2016 Roush Stage 3

    New Member Introductions & Greetings
    After many years of waiting and wanting and just all around just waffling around in a sea of non-direction I broke down and bought a new car... I am a long time GM guy... forgive me, never considered a Ford before, just not in my DNA I guess. My grandmother and my Dad and much of my extended...
1-6 of 6 Results