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  1. Well guys...

    New Member Introductions & Greetings
    I just sold my mustang. Traded it for a Honda s2000. If it were up to me, I'd keep them both. I will definitely be getting another mustang in the future. I've been looking for an s2000 for a lloonngg time and this thing is pristine. It's an 03 AP1 (first gen) with only 42k on it. I'll still be...
  2. double clutchting

    General Mustang Discussion
    do you guys double clutch during daily driving? or ever? is it really good for your engine and trans or is that a crock? thanks guys, -Sean :mustang:
  3. profile pic

    Community Help
    does it take a little bit of time before a newly uploaded profile picture starts showing up on your posts? i uploaded one but it wont show up on any of my posts? is it not retroactive? or is it because the image is too big? its bigger than 300x300. thanks for the help! :mustang:
  4. s550/mustang meet at tacos and tequila??

    SouthernStangs Mustang Club
    my buddy just sent me a video of probably 20-30 s550's with a couple new edges thrown in there, up at the Taco and Tequila in Buford, GA. anyone know what group that might be? is it anyone on here? im dying to find a local mustang group to roll with. :mustang:
  5. gen 5 tail lights

    2005-2010 Mustang GT
    so i know raxiom has a set of the gen 5 tail lights but i have heard nothing but terrible things about raxiom. i tried raxiom's sequential kit and it was all kinds of messed up. are there any other compaines who make a gen5 kit for the 05-09s? or anyone who endorses the raxiom kit? (also...
  6. ticking noise

    2005-2010 Mustang GT
    i have an 06 GT premium with a 6speed. ive owned the car since Oct 2013. i noticed the ticking start maybe 6 months after i got it. has never caused any issues but after asking tons of people :banghead: i am finally turning to you awesome people in the forums haha. So the issue happens when i...
  7. building on a budget

    Mustang DIY and Technical
    what is up guys. i have been looking for a 5.0 for a majority of the short time that i have been on this earth. started with an old foxbody obsession and then the coyote came out... I am looking for a 13-14 coyote. when i started my search i would only look for cars with the track pack, brembos...
  8. northern/metro Atlanta meet up

    SouthernStangs Mustang Club
    whats up guys. been cruising the forums and keep running into a ton of Atlantonians. lets get a cruise or meet up (or both) going shall we:whistling:? lets figure out whos down and where everyone is then we'll nail down a time and place. food suggestions is always a must too haha. :mustang:
1-8 of 8 Results