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  1. Just checking...

    Mustang Wheels & Tires
    Cool thanks guys! I'm putting the stang up for sale and the way I figure is that I might be able to get a little more cash for her if I have the nice rims on with a new set of tires even if they are cheap ones. The tires that came with the rims when I bought them are destroyed cause the kid...
  2. Just checking...

    Mustang Wheels & Tires
    Just wanted to check. For the 17x9s I have for all four corners, 275/40/17 is the way to go according to the wheel/tire sticky right? Are the fronts going to be too wide with the 275/40s or should I do a 255 or something like that. They are going on a 98 stang and I want to avoid any kind of...
  3. NORDSKOG Digital Gauges Anyone?

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Thats the autometer gauge cluster to replace everything gauge wise. Last I saw it ran about $400-450ish. Good piece though. The only thing I wondered was about the odometer. Everyone I've seen looks to be digital, I just wonder how you would show the right mileage on it. ~Jon~
  4. South Florida Roll Call

    Regional Mustang Discussion
    Delray Beach, Florida. But I work in Boca. ~Jon~
  5. Got my shifter...

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    I have the "create your gasket" sealant that they sent with it. Would you suggest getting the gasket as well as using the sealant? ~Jon~
  6. Got my shifter...

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Figured I would spend the money when I had it instead of waiting to get some more saved up and spending it all on something not car related. MGW with a Bullitt shift knob from UPR. Got the billet ring installed too so I'll get some in car pics up when I put it all in saturday. Shifter looks...
  7. Shifter bezel...

    Mustang Audio & Video
    nope its from UPR. Figure I'm just gonna mod it since I have it opened and everything already and it will probably be more of a hassle to send it back. ~Jon~
  8. Shifter bezel...

    Mustang Audio & Video
    I bought a Bullitt billet ring for the shift boot bottom but it didnt come with any instructions. From what I see, I'll have to disconnect the boot from the plastic bezel then install the ring some way that it sticks to the plastic bezel piece and then use the four screws on the bottom to hold...
  9. Must see 1 of a kind v6 Vortech blower + more!

    Mustang Parts for Sale and Wanted
    Nice but cant afford it right now. ~Jon~
  10. Cracked rim

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Damn, wish there were 17x9s... ~Jon~
  11. Cracked rim

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    17 by what? If your gonna be getting something different in the future I wouldn't mind taking them off you for a set of track rims/tires. Depends on how wide they are though. Let me know. ~Jon~
  12. you guys love me right?

    Mustang Parts for Sale and Wanted
    How about getting some racing seats with inserts instead of the covers??? Arizen racing seats, dont have the link but if you google them you might see something you like.
  13. Figuring out for later plans...

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    When swapping to a 8.8 rear with the stock 6 tranny and driveshaft, do they line up right or do I need to get a spacer for any size differences? Thanks ~Jon~
  14. If the 09 Stangs are anything 1/2 as hot as this, Ford's gonna hit the jackpot

    2011-2014 Mustang GT
    I thought that with the recent drop in mustang sales that they are going to be keeping the mustang pretty much the same until later on??? I would have to say I would buy one in a heartbeat. Looks like my car model I have but in red instead of black. I would lose the spoiler though, not a big...
  15. Painting question!

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Heck you could take it to macco and have them do it for you. I would take my own paint to them though and just have them prep, spray, and clear. Don't like the type of paint they use. ~Jon~
  16. Figuring out for later plans...

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    Cool thanks guys. Yeah I'm gonna keep my eyes open for a 8.8 rear then. If anyone hears of anything available please give me a heads up. Thanks ~Jon~
  17. Figuring out for later plans...

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    With regards to axles and such, is it really necessary to upgrade these on a dailly driver car that will be used for autox? I've seen a lot of people upgrade for drag racing but would it be useful at autox? Thanks. ~Jon~
  18. Figuring out for later plans...

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    I'm trying to decided what to do with the rear end of the car. I could take the 7.5 and build it up with gears and tlock and probably have it good for 300hp or I could try to find a GT rear build that and swap that in. I was looking at my suspension plans and with the 7.5 rear, I'm told I...
  19. Also Bagged/Body Dropped Silverado Show Truck Forsale Many Mag Features

    Mustangs for Sale and Wanted
    Seen that truck in lots of mags but never got to see it in person...sweet ride! I'd buy it if I had the money but also if I had the money for the fuel I would have to put in it. Who did all the suspension work? ~Jon~
  20. Got my brakes...

    Pre-2005 V6 Mustang
    No that was me that asked you for that info. I was going to get them from rotor pros but then I was talking to Josh over at and he matched there prices and gave me a better deal on a whole package bit. They are zinc plated too, and I'm taking it easy on them so that they...
1-20 of 313 Results