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Mustang GT/Roush
Had some problems after I purchased this vehicle new in September,2015. Dealer had already installed the Roush to the car before I bought it. Paid less than a new badged up Roush 3. In retrospect I should have just bought the real deal. Roush had a short front the crappy install. The dealership left the OE plugs in and didn't install the Roush high temp plugs. After just a few thousand miles this blew out the cat converters. I called Roush after the dealership tried to get me to pay $2400 to fix it. Roush called them about about the plugs and thier reponse was, they didn't see any Roush plugs in the kit. BS!!! The new battery died. Dealership under warranty tried to get me to pay for that too. I responded. They paid for replacement battery and a new set of Roush exhaust extensions. Next, 2nd gear went out on the MT-82 tranny. Yes, the dealership wanted me to pay for that as well. When I wouldn't pay, they loaded my transmission, exhaust, starter, bag of bolts on a flat bed and sent me home. After my car sat in my garage for several months, I bought the parts and had it fixed. To my mechanics surprise, they bent the reverse shifter rod. After a new 2nd gear, synchro, reverse rod, some other parts, we got it back together. Then my clutch went out for the 2nd time in 9000 miles. The first at 1000 miles. Dealership paid for that, then the 2nd at around 9k. When my guy took it apart only 2 of the bolts had and torque on them. The others we no more than hand tightened. I took a vid of that if anyone wants to see it. Then I spent $1650.00 for seemed to be the best clutch I could find. I thought I'd get a ton of miles out of it. It lasted 1000 miles. Clutch plates started to slip. My guy thought the spacers were too large creating to much space , slippage. Now that clutch sits in my storage.?? Ended up putting the stock clutch back in. Runs fine now. So, my love for the car has faded over the last year and half. Trying to get excited about my stand again. That's why I joined this forum.
2015 Ford Mustang GT/Roush (Black)


Roush dyno 672/545
Black on black
Black on black
Wheel and Tire
Flow master exhaust, Roush extensions, Dark tint.



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