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mustang gt
metalic maroon
i have wanted to buy this car from a friend for years now and he finally sold it to me. it was his baby, now its mine!
it started life as a red four eyed fox in 86 and stay that way for years until the previous owner rapped it around a tree, doing massive damage to the front end and engine. at that time he thought it needed to be freshend up so an '87 front end was installed after the frame was straightend out and a fresh 302 with a mass air conversion was installed in the now maroon engine compartment. after several years and several bottles of n2o the owner figured it was time for somehthing new!
At which time he built a 347 short block and bolted on a new set of performer heads on it and drove it like that till the day i bought it!
86 Ford mustang gt (metalic maroon)


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