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General Information

mustang, Gt - Hatch back
ac - atomatic-5.0 302 - injected
has about 160 k miles
Moon roof or roof leaks (cleaned drains)
no major accidents
walker exhaust, no cats..
rebuilt trans about 4 k miles ago
Original 302
1991 Ford mustang, Gt - Hatch back (Red)


stock 5.0 302 injected, ac, automatic. I do have the 6.5 mm air intake adapter but that is the only modifications to motor. Missing radiator mounting hardware.
Grey cloth and carpet
ash tray assemble broke
Emergency brake cut
Roof liner taken out, due to water damage.
Lift carpet on drivers floor and you can see ground.
Rear view mirror off, thanks to the dog.
Moon roof latch is also broken but works.
Has very poor heat. I did heater core a couple years ago and it did not seem to help any. Heat only comes out if blower is on low and it does go cold intermittently while driving or when I put the blower on hi.
Red with lite gray bottom all stock
Rust in right rear wheel well and hatch
Drivers floor rotted out bad
Crack on right floor near computer on edge of door frame.
Car squeaks while driving. Over bumps and turning. Multiple suspension and other parts replaced to fix. still not fixed.
Hatch does not stay up, shocks bad I'm sure.
Runs rough and does not seem to have the power it once had. Sometimes burns rich
All Pioneer electronics. 4 Channel amp for the four stock locations (85 watt per ch.). And 1k watt mono digital sub amp. Rockford dual voice 1 ohm load. All else is stock and amps are attached to sub box. All easily removed. Everything else is stock.
All stock and a lot of components have been replace to stop the squeaking noise from suspension. Over any bump or dip the car squeaks.
Wheel and Tire
Purchased from a local dealer in 1994 with 42 k miles. Previous owner was a cop. Not sure if that is good or bad! : ( I turned it over once, the milage reading went back to zero and will not read out 200 k. Or 100 k the digit is not there (normal) I think?



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