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Sonic Blue
Premium GT
I went from Missouri to Tampa Bay, Florida to buy this car. I seen it on and it was at the right price. I purchased it in July of 2006 and drove it home. It has a five speed which it got 29 mpg from Tampa to Kahoka. That was really awesome to see it getting that. I haven't really modified it much but hope that I will soon.
2003 Ford Mustang (Sonic Blue)


Cold Air induction. Is about it. I also have Cherry Bomb Pro mufflers. They sound great for what I wanted. Have kids so they have to be able to ride and not hurt there ears to much. When they get older I am hoping to change the whole exhaust system over to extremely loud. Along with under hood work.
I have installed the Jack Roush classic short throw shifter. I painted the speaker grilles a blue color to somewhat match the exterior. Around the gauges and door handles and inserts and glove box handle got painted silver. I installed two led blue bulbs under the front rear seats. Pretty much the rest is stock.
I found the first owners of the car and they said between them and me the stripe down the side was added. The second owner had it put on. The second owners of the car also had the front end repainted and did a crappy job. The paint is peeling up under the headlights. Florida bugs may have caused them to repaint it.
I did change out the stereo. I put in an older pioneer radio. I have the DEH-9600. Use a Kenwood 350watt amp. Have to 10" subs. It does have xm radio. I also have the aux hook up so I can plug my laptop, psp, or mp3 player in and hear sound through the car stereo. I did rewire the front speakers straight from the stereo cause the sound system from factory didn't sound good through the factory amps.
Stock suspension. Wanting to get the Roush stage 3 suspension or something close to it. I can't go no less than 1" of drop do to where I live.
Wheel and Tire
I love the stock rims on the car. The Bullitt rims are really cool. I have seen another set I would like but haven't found where to buy yet. They are a deeper wheel, have a 5 spoke with the bullitt colors. I believe they may even be 18" wheels.



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